The current state of  international aviation and associated industries is substantially damaged. In some countries the fight back has achieved some of the existing markets. We push on to re-develop a worthy industry… 


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The Portfolio adds tourist venues to visit at your destinations assuming most have survived the onslaught of business shutdowns. Featured attractions also appear on the Home page.


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Employment – Asia-Pacific recovery in 2022…

The Region employed 4.2 million in the  aviation industry prior to the pandemic and is forecast to return to 3.4 million in 2022. Recovery is aligned to post pandemic border opening. Personnel opportunities are forecast to rise.  

Industry Losses – Trending downwards in 2022?  …

International travel demand is expected to double in 2022 and reach 44% of 2019 levels. However, the lifting of government – imposed border restrictions will determine the pace of recovery. Airlines losses are reducing and will improve in 2022 with North American carriers expected to return to profit.

Global airline Flights in 2019 reached 38.9 million – Forecast to  perform 25.8 million in 2022…

The global impact on some 1,400 Airlines due to the pandemic was a sudden downturn causing flights to drop to 16.9 million in 2020 due to border closures and lockdowns. Recently a turbine fuel spike has occurred forcing up the price of fuel to necessitate the re-introduction of fuel levies in these difficult times.

In the Pipeline Attractions…

Doors are open for some hot deals Across the Ditch when our Borders are open for business!

Tandem Skydive


15,000 FT  •  Go High  •  Noosa

Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Boeing 737 Flight


Simulator  •  60 Mins •  Brisbane

               Brisbane Airport                   Queensland

Average Dinner For Two

$20-30 pp

Best  •  Al Fresco  •  Restaurants

Wellington City
Wellington, NZ

V8 Race Car Ride


3 Laps  •  Sandown Raceway

Springvale, Melbourne

Bridge Climb


Summit  •  3 Hours  •  134 Metres

Sydney CBD
New South Wales

See & Do

$Free to Plus

Top 10  •  Must Do’s  •  City

Wellington CBD
Wellington, NZ

“The current status of the regional Trans-Tasman market is virtually non-existent due to border closures or requirements for airlines to operate with reduced load factors which would bankrupt airline companies so we all push on assuming that common sense will eventually prevail.”

Nicholas Kile

Managing Director

“The economic impact of aviation industry shut-down will have a profound effect on Australian and New Zealand economies with unemployment projections reaching levels not seen before in this century due to the widespread bankruptcy of companies.”

John Cook