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What is Jumpjet?

Jumpjet is an established, investment ready, typical limited company targeting regional international airline services to Australia and New Zealand with value based low fares, innovative marketing and specific company structuring.

When will Jumpjet launch?

Jumpjet can launch when a number of key factors have been concluded including regulatory procedural matters, enabling full capitalisation to be achieved.

Substantial founding capital and manpower effort has been needed to develop the Jumpjet airline company to its current level.  As can be appreciated our aviation industry is a technical industry and heavily regulated.

Will Jumpjet have any new innovations?

Yes.  Jumpjet has developed innovations in the areas of operations. marketing, passenger processing, quality assurance, governance, employment and company structuring with the assistance of highly qualified consultants.  The Jumpjet Fares are Value Based and booking procedures are open to flexible customer choices.

Is Jumpjet a local airline?

Yes.  It is owned within Australia and New Zealand.  As a venture some of the company will be offered to investors to provide professional capital structuring.  The airline is an independent entrant and not aligned to global marketing and sales systems.  It has its own innovative booking and dispatch engine.

When did Jumpjet Airlines begin as an idea?

Jumpjet Airlines began as an idea in 1999 as Trans-Tasman Express!

What are the future plans for Jumpjet Airlines?

Jumpjet has planned modest service expansion into the Tasman market. It will serve cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch within a five year plan to establish a functional Company. Plus, assist with the restoration of our regional international market share and the promotion of national aviation economies.

When was Jumpjet's first structuring valuation?

Jumpjet received a formal Start Up Valuation in 2016 as part of a conventional preparation for equity and finance structuring to qualify for investment.  The valuation was successful due to new modelling and innovation strategies.  The Company’s advancement was subdued by procedural regulatory issues and the Covid virus shut-down of the aviation industry.

What events have subdued the Jumpjet company development?

Events like the failure of Ansett, the entrance of Virgin, the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008.  Plus, the current economic crisis being addressed in New Zealand and Australia due to the past COVID politics.  Such began in 2020 and substantially shut-down the aviation and travel markets.  The concept of raising a local carrier is nearly impossible – but not impossible!

What is the current status of the regional international Trans-Tasman market?

The regional international Tasman market has returned to pre-COVID levels with good passenger load factors for airlines and restored services for passengers.

What aircraft will Jumpjet be operating across the Tasman?

Currently.  Jumpjet will be operating the reliable new generation B737-700 series at launch.  The aircraft has 126 seats that can be booked online within various sales strategies.  Typical airline Lite Catering will be provided for most Fares.

What cities will Jumpjet be flying to at launch?

Jumpjet will be operating into Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Wellington in the first year following launch.

Will Jumpjet use its own Check-In Counters and system at Airports?

Yes.  Jumpjet Staff will process our passengers at all Airports.  Much effort has been applied to system design that will enable passenger processing with most airport related failure of services.  Including Company device failures.

When will Jumpjet be hiring?

Jumpjet will be offering positions to some 90+ employees as soon as the Company is fully capitalised and can successfully countdown to launch into revenue operations.  That is, some 65 permanent positions, 5 part time jobs and 20+ casual jobs starting at six months from launch.  Two professional agencies will source for management positions and Jumpjet will offer the remaining job positions with an automated online application form system.  The employment application form is linked from the “Hiring Now” page of the booking engine site that publishes job descriptions.

Do you currently have any Jobs available?

No.  We are not Hiring at present.

How many Job opportunities will Jumpjet offer once established?

Jumpjet will create some 270+ direct jobs by Year 3 of company operations.  It is estimated that the total industry and related indirect jobs generated will reach about 625+.

Do you currently have any Fares available?

No.  Not on the current website.  Please wait for the new booking engine website.  It will come into production some six months from launch and will be offering great fare deals at that time!  A full PR, marketing and sales drive will start about six months out from the airline launch.  Fares may then be purchased and bookings made online on the Jumpjet Bookings Engine using most devices. Affiliations are offered to support sales activities.  We will keep you posted!

Do you currently have any Flights available?

No.  Jumpjet has not launched services at this time.  We will keep you posted!

Can you offer any tips for today's air travel market?

For international travel Jumpjet recommends that you:-

  • Collect your baggage after each flight sector as bags are normally stolen or misplaced in transit.
  • Airports are unfriendly and can be overcrowded quickly.  Best to arrive at the check-in counter at the earliest time.  Generally, 2 hours prior to departure for most airlines.
  • Flight Cancellations are the ultimate nightmare and may occur for many reasons.  Some may not be the fault of the airline.  Check the fine print in relation to Refunds and Transfers.

Have a safe trip!

Where is your Privacy Policy?

Go to the Landing or Contact page Footers and you can link to it by Button.  No personal information is retained by Jumpjet.

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