About Us

Jumpjet Airlines Limited Head Office is in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand and the company is in development to market as a competitive regional international passenger airline for Australia and New Zealand


Based on future market demand Jumpjet five-year planning introduces  modest service expansion into the Tasman market and by year three will serve the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch using three Boeing 737 mid-level aircraft.  Providing 625 overall jobs, 305,000 uplift and $100M in revenue.


Systems have been designed to best serve the leisure market, those who are visiting friends and relatives, the small business traveller, conference members, students and tour groups, plus medical and emergency travel. Jumpjet passenger processing systems have been reviewed from airport to airport to provide efficient services.


Planned Services are value based and offer easy departures, flexible processing, managed baggage and a cabin with services. The Tasman market was experiencing up to 5% growth from 164,000 seats and 810 sectors per week in 2019. Borders have fully re-opened after 3.5 years enabling the current  return to historic seat and sector growth.

Our Story

Trans Tasman Express began as an idea in 1999 and a Company was formed in New Zealand. In 2000 a name change was undertaken to Jumpjet Airlines and business planning began in earnest. Events like the failure of Ansett, the entrance of Virgin, the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008, the expansion of international carriers in local markets and the current developing economic crisis in New Zealand and Australia since 2020 have disrupted the aviation market and challenged the concept of introducing a local regional international passenger airline into the Trans Tasman market.  Jumpjet companies are investment ready and as normality has returned to the aviation industry financial and equity structuring has resumed.  The air operator certification path is in progress with legal guidance.

Historic Consultants

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Richard West

Consultant      (Toll/Unity MRO)

David Yoemans

Regulatory Facilitator (Av.)

Cpt. Allan Boyce (Ret.)

Operations Specialist

David Becker

Director & Consultant

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Chris Scanlon

Director & Consultant